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  • by @inc
  • 20-06-2023



Head to @Inc and MENTA Business Hubs

As part of the West Suffolk Business Festival 2023, both MENTA and @Inc.Suffolk have teamed up with the Norfolk & Suffolk Cybercrime unit to invite you to step into the shoes of a detective and race against time to solve a case.

We have Escape Room events in Haverhill, Brandon and Bury St Edmunds

Our escape room will test your knowledge, problem solving skills and teamwork.  The escape room is a fun way to help participants understand how their Cyber security and digital footprint could put them at risk, the session concludes by highlighting key cyber threats to local business and highlighting useful national approved resources to help you improve your companies resilience to cyber-attacks.

Workshop overview:

Workshops normally combine a number of the different elements we offer (see attached flyer), for example a recent business networking session included:

 Introduction (10 minutes)

Cyber Escape Room (40 minutes)

Debrief and general business cyber awareness (40 mins)


The session includes basic introduction to the following threat areas:

·       Social engineering

·       Phishing

·       Account compromise / business email compromise

·       Ransomware

It then provided mitigation strategies to help individuals and businesses provide resilience against these threats,  highlighted nationally approved and freely accessible resources like the National Cyber Security Centres Cyber Aware Action Plan, The Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre and Police Cyber Alarm. Case studies and local examples are used to give context to the attacks.

Have you considered your personal and company cyber security risk? We use technology for lots of everyday functions but is your technology and/or your digital behaviours leaving you vulnerable to becoming a victim of cybercrime? This session will highlight some basic threats to individuals and businesses and help you become better protected against cybercrime.


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