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Coworking space in Bury St Edmunds


Coworking space for Suffolk

  • by @inc
  • 29-04-2021
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Coworking space for Suffolk

With hopes that this Summer will see more day-to-day normality returning across Suffolk with people increasingly getting back into a routine, the routine will have changed for thousands of workers.

Coworking spaces have skyrocketed in popularity over recent years and with that comes a few questions around what you do and how you fit in with others in a shared working space.

MENTA designed its new coworking space for Suffolk with clear aims says project leaders Penny Rush and Paul Vella:

Penny Rush: we wanted our coworking and meeting space to feel different from the models that are clinical and purely practical. Our space is a warm, friendly, a deliberately engaging space. The design is fresh, modern, and very much designed around the street art approach. Colour and design help spark a conversation trigger, the designs and furniture help relax and exude a friendly approach. There is little white and stark @ Inc. Bury St  Edmunds.


Open plan area_1


That design and the layout is instantly welcoming, relaxing, with the aroma of coffee brewing and helps people spark new connections if they choose.

Paul Vella explains, “the style helps relax new members, we wanted a truly collaborative DNA to our coworking space with shared space zones for those wanting to chat and meet new business connections but of course we ensure that privacy and private space is always available also.

Penny Rush:

It is quintessentially British to not feel comfortable to bound in an open space and introduce yourself to new people and with that in mind, we ensure that new members are assured that the rules we have are fairly sparse, we have no dress code – this is the business individuals space not a private club with a designated seating plan, our demographic of clients helps break any concerns or reserves as we a see a finance adviser sitting across from a videographer, a designer and wedding planner talking over coffee and web designer working in the Zoom room on a live virtual meeting.

Paul Vella:

Our top tips for anyone using coworking space include…

#1 Relax – say hello and enjoy the freedoms of your new workspace
#2 Make the most of the new connections, by collaborating, you are not just helping a new colleague but raising your own business credentials
#3 Enjoy meeting new people, many of us have missed that human connection during lockdown,
#4 Expect your social diary to fill up – after work drinks or a bite for lunch helps not just spark a new conversation, some of the best creativity can be cracked over a sandwich
#5 EarPods or headphones are a must – remember that noisy person on the train and their music volume issues?




#6 Ringtone you might want to check it or at least lower the volume, nobody wants to hear your Abba love abandoned while you are getting a coffee.

Our coworking space options include private meeting rooms, client rooms, some seriously good Coffee as well as money off deals with local traders.

Join us at a future open day or pop in for a look around… you can book and pay for your space right now! Here

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