Meeting & Conference Rooms in Felixstowe

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Meeting and Conference Rooms

Meeting and conference rooms in Felixstowe are available to @Inc members and non-members. We have meeting rooms, zoom rooms and a fully equipped conference room that can be booked for a half-day or a full day. Refreshments and additional equipment are available on request.

Need to book a meeting room or a conference room in Felixstowe? Think @Inc, because we are situated in the very heart of Felixstowe!

Meeting Room 1F & 2F (seats 4 people)

Members - Half-day: £16.80 inclusive of VAT

Non-Members -Half-day: £33.60 inclusive of VAT

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Meeting Room 3F Hourly Bookings (seats 4 people)

Members - £12 + VAT (per hour)

Non-Members: £18 + VAT (per hour)

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Board Room (seats 12 people)

Members - Half-day: £50 + VAT and Full-day: £100 + VAT

None-Members - Half-day: £75 + VAT and Full-day: £150 + VAT

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Zoom Rooms 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F & 5F (Seats 1)

Members - Full-day: £12 + VAT

None-Members - Full-day: £18 + VAT

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Conference Room Bury St Edmunds Meeting Room Felixstowe

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